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To provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive driver’s education courses to service our communities needs. Motor Vehicle Academy provides experience in all aspects of driving in order to educate students to become the safest drivers on the road.


“To become the leader in Drivers Education, steering the way with innovative educational practices.”

“Owned by Educators, Run by Educators, Taught by Educators; A place where students can truly LEARN how to DRIVE.”


Welcome to Motor Vehicle Academy, Drivers Education a Hot new School that offers technology and top notch, hands-on, interactive and fun activities throughout our curriculum.  All of our classroom instructors as well as behind-the-wheel driving instructors here at Motor Vehicle Academy are ALL CERTIFIED TEACHERS. Through the differentiation of these highly skilled educators, your child will have a positive, highly successful experience where they don't just pass or fail Drivers Ed... They actually learn!



 Hans has more than 10 years experience in teaching, administration and school leadership. As a Teacher and Vice Principal he has gained the essential knowledge needed to run a successful school and advance student learning.

Rebecca  has more than 10 years experience in education. She taught in Anne Arundel County as an Elementary School Teacher, a Home and Hospital Teacher, as well as ran her own private tutoring business for the last 9 years. This experience has allowed her to develop her expertise of teaching and learning. She has also gained a great understanding of what it takes to serve the communities educational needs. 

The experiences Hans and Rebecca bring to the Driver’s Education classes is vital to the integration of quality and differentiated instruction for students with learning differences. Their Educational background and expertise allows for  a positive experience for all students in Drivers Education.